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Get It Done Fitness understands how challenging it can be for some people to lose weight, gain muscle mass or just stay fit. GIDF strongly believes that exercise alone is not enough. GIDF provides to each client customized meal plans and weekly nutrition tips to better help them achieve their fitness goals.

Do you hate crowded gyms but don’t have enough space in your home for training? Get It Done Fitness has a studio that provides the privacy and convenience that you’re looking for. Our fitness studio contains everything you need for a full-body workout: Cardiovascular machines, free weights, kettlebells, medicine/stability ball, boxing bag and more.

Doing Combo Workout Routines are very, very effective because they target different muscle groups, burn more calories and of course are less time consuming which seems to be the most common excuse for not working out. So there you have it, sorry to bust you in your lame excuse. For HEALTH, we should always find the time. Pass this attitude on to your loved ones and even the ones you don't; you maybe like them a bit, right?

GIDF believes in giving to each client complete attention. One-on-One Training has the advantage of having a workout program tailored to each person's individual needs, desires, and goals. Men and Women have different body types, and each reacts differently to exercises. GIDF develops unique workout programs based on individual goals and body types.

Try our training method today! We assure you, you won't be doing the same routine every time you see one of our great Personal Trainers. Our clients never go anywhere else. Three words for you: Results, Affordability and Fun.

Group Fitness Training is fun, energetic and creates friendly competition among the group because they challenge and motivate each other to do better. Other advantages include the affordability and accountability. GIDF provides this service for those who need an extra push from a significant other, or friend, as a couple or group.

First things first, always take care of your core when starting a workout program, either for weight loss or muscle gain. Get a strong core first and the rest will be given to you. Training time and results will become easier after a strong solid CORE.

HELLO! My name Is Jose. Boring name, right? You betcha! but I'm just like you with big dreams to make a difference in this world. My "PASSION" is "FITNESS & NUTRITION". I love working out and most importantly being healthy. I want the same for you. That is why I founded Get It Done Fitness which is a Minneapolis-based fitness company that provides corporate training, one-on-one training, kickboxing, boot camp classes, and nutritional guidance. At GIDF no two days are the same. It's always fun, energetic, a welcoming smile : -), affordable and you will meet your fitness goals with a sprinkle of tough love and motivation; that is our promise!


imagesThe other morning I was at a coffee shop and saw a woman chatting with the salespeople about how she wants to lose weight, so she’s cutting back. Then she hands over her huge reusable cup and orders a nonfat vanilla latte and a vanilla scone! Nonfat or not, that is butt loads of sugar — she’ll crash and be starving again in minutes. My partner who I was having the meeting with looked at me and said, I really want to go over there and shake her and say to her, ‘What are you doing? Why don’t you just start your day with a milkshake and a doughnut instead?’ I laughed and kind of agreed with him. If you are serious about loosing weights, or even just maintain, you MUST limit sugar at breakfast and have some fiber-rich like whole grains, plus protein like egg whites or zero-percent Greek yogurt. That will keep you full and set you up for a healthy day.



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